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Here at Family Promise of Wake County, we have so much for which we are thankful! Personally, the thing for which I am most grateful is our wonderful volunteers and donors - people like you who who make it possible for us to provide a full continuum of services to Wake County families experiencing homelessness. Whether its a volunteer at one of our churches comforting a newly homeless child or a caseworker counseling a father as he prepares to move his daughters out of transitional housing and into their own apartment, everything we do for our families starts with our supporters.

On behalf of the staff and Board of Trustees of Family Promise, I want to thank each of you for your willingness to join us in our mission of moving families experiencing homelessness into safe, affordable permanent housing.

I also want to share with you some of what makes our families, staff and board members feel grateful.

"Family Promise really helped our family. You don’t plan to become homeless. It was a shock. Everyone here has made it so that you are able to find work, and you are able to have the resources you didn’t know were here. They are here to help you.”

“We wouldn’t make it a part from each other. There are not that many organizations out there that will help the entire family. We are thankful for that.”

“I am especially humbled and grateful for the hundreds of volunteers at our partner congregations. They enthusiastically delivered safe havens, meals, activities, and small kindnesses to our guests, showing their care and God’s love. “

“I am thankful for the smiles I see on the faces of every family member when they move into their own place. It is heartwarming to see how happy the parents are to be able to provide a safe place for their children again. “

“I am thankful for the many volunteers at our host congregations who joyfully welcome our families into their 'home' each week.”

“I am thankful for the way our families support each other with encouraging words during this stressful time in their lives.”

“I am thankful for the ability to keep families together while they are experiencing temporary homelessness, and for our dedicated staff which works so hard to help them obtain safe and affordable housing. “

“I am thankful for our staff - their skills and wisdom to do the job, their commitment to our mission, their positive attitudes, and their sense of humor."

Sincerely, Summerlee Walter President, Board of Trustees

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  • Family Promise

By Elizabeth Beam

September! Remember when that meant a fresh, new year at school? Maybe you remember shopping for a new book satchel, trapper keeper or backpack. How about sharpened pencils, packs of paper or notebooks and, just maybe, new school shoes or a new outfit? Of course there was always anxiety and uncertainty mixed with the excitement. After all, there was the unknown of a new teacher and a new mix of classmates.

Imagine if the beginning of a new school year meant catching a bus from a homeless shelter or even living in a car. For 3,989 school-age children in Wake County, that it reality. A new beginning, starting from behind. The number of homeless school-age children is 1,000 more than the population of Green Hope High, which is the largest in Wake County.

Let that settle in: students who are in the throes of growing up, navigating social pitfalls and struggling to keep up with their studies while living in unstable, perhaps dangerous situations that are beyond their control and beyond our experiences or understanding.

There is hope. Hope comes to families served by Family Promise of Wake County through the support of safe, comforting facilities staffed with caring and trained caseworkers and staff. This happens because of thousands of volunteers in 56 churches across Wake County. It happens because of people like you who, through your time and financial generosity, give these students a fighting chance. A chance to grow up to be the adults they deserve to be. Thanks for all you do. YOU are the difference in some student’s life.

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By Pat Roper

Twenty-two years ago I visited San Francisco and saw homelessness like I had never seen before. It was then I made a promise to God that I would make helping those experiencing homelessness my commitment to Him.

I started by doing laundry, providing meals, hosting dinners and staying overnight on host weeks at my church, First United Methodist Church in Cary. After a few years, I became part of the core team, setting up for families on Sunday when they arrived and tearing down the following Sunday when they left, in addition to helping during the week. Then around 12 years ago, the coordinator left, and I took over that position. I am blessed to have inherited an absolutely amazing group of dedicated volunteers who all believe in the value of this program as much as I do.

FUMC Cary has been hosting families since Family Promise opened its doors 24 years ago, and we typically host four times per year. The churches, including mine, which provide emergency shelter for our families are the first stop on their journey to finding stable, affordable permanent housing.

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